Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Updates on Common Chord (with Michael Bryant) and Acoustic Alloy (with TC Peart)

My usual disclaimer: If you want to stay informed the best thing would be to either be my "friend" on Facebook (search for my name) or "like" my Facebook page (separate from my personal profile). I don't do updates here often, but here is one...

In the days since Wild Heart's last show (Sept. 2015) I've remained very busy with music! Most of my creative time has been spent reconnecting with a longtime friend and collaborator, Michael Bryant (former leader of our trio Sticky Fingers, from the early 2000s). He and I have regrouped as an entity we are calling Common Chord, and you can find us at www.commonchord.us (which currently connects to our Facebook page...website coming soon). We perform as a duo but also usually have some help from the likes of Delores Jenison on additional harmony vocals and Faye Bruggink on clarinet. In the future we will sometimes be joined by percussionist "Bad Alan" with whom I have worked in several projects. We focus on original music but do bring in some choice covers from some of our favorite singer-songwriters and we generally have enough instruments to start a small music store between us. You'll find us in listening venues -- concert settings and coffeehouses, playing in Madison a few times a year. We will be looking to branch into neighboring areas soon, and may begin working on some recording projects as well.

About Michael: In a captivating, smooth baritone, Michael delivers his unforgettable songs, moving between catchy, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head tunes to stunningly beautiful, moving ballads. To the rest of us who call ourselves songwriters, his songs fall heavily into the "Man, I wish I'd written that!" category. I have the fun and satisfying role of adding to Michael's songs with harmony vocals and any of a number of instruments I love playing: Cello, viola, hammered dulcimer, guitar, bass, and/or piano. I generally can't bring them all to a show because my car won't hold everything, but I usually have 3 or 4 with me. (You gotta see my new electric viola and cello!) I also enjoy the opportunity to share some of my original tunes and choices of covers with Michael's assistance (harmony vocals plus extra guitar or bass or mandolin).

Otherwise, Acoustic Alloy is also alive and well! That is my duo with TC Peart, who was my colleague in Wild Heart. We have started booking some spring/summer shows. This is a cover act (with very occasional originals), featuring mostly TC's choices from a variety of styles and her powerhouse vocals (and me on harmonies). We perform as a duo (using guitar, mandolin, and keyboard) or sometimes as a trio with help from percussionist "Bad Alan." We have a lot of fun finding ways to arrange a complex variety of songs for our minimalist format. Crowd favorites in the past have been "Man in the Mirror" and "Uptown Funk." We play clubs/bars as well as small venues. Watch our website for schedule info if this sounds like your musical cup o' tea.

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