Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New TAB available

*******EDIT 7/12/13:  The files are available on request, vs. being posted on the site. Please see www.tracyjanecomer.com and go to the CONTACT page to ask for the tab files.E

Hi folks - Over the years I've had requests for tablature for some of my instrumental guitar works. I finally just finished a new one - Rondo. Below are links to the two I have done so far....for a limited time I'll have these up for free....later I may be publishing a songbook and will have to pull the plug on the freebies then!
  1. "Rondo"
  2. "Movin' in the Right Direction"
Later I plan to publish "Inside Passage" and "Riffles and Runs."

(If you want to pick up the tunes themself and don't have the CDs they are on, you can find them on iTunes, Broadjam, and many other download sites.)

NOTE: Both of these require both a full capo and a partial capo. The partial capo is typically called an "Esus" capo and is available from Kayser or Shubb.

If there are other songs of mine that you would like to see a chart or some tab for, let me know. I have some full lead sheets that I've prepared on request for several tunes. (Flattery will get you everywhere.)

(And, if you are a songwriter or guitarist and would like something like this for your works, let me know that too....I do notation and transcription as a freelance.)

Feedback welcome.


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