Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wedding music songs

I was asked recently for some suggestions for nice wedding ballads. Here are my quick suggestions, drawn from ones I've done at weddings or have thought would be ideal. I'll try to add to the list if I think of others, or if folks suggest some good ones to me.

"Grow Old Along With Me" as performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter (John Lennon)

"I Will Be Here" - Steven Curtis Chapman

"He Is Good" - Carrie Underwood - Sung from a daughter to mother about wedding day - A fairly new song but I predict is being done/will be done at MANY weddings

"When I Said I Do" - Clint Black (best as a duet but could work as solo)

"Something That We Do" - Clint Black (similar sentiments to 1 Corinthians 13)

"The Gift of Love" - Hal Hopson's setting of 1 Corinthians 13 to tune of "The Water Is Wide"

"Beautiful In My Eyes" - Joshua Kadison

"Bless the Broken Road" – Carrie Underwood sings a nice solo version

"Valentine" - Martina McBride

"Here, There and Everywhere" - Beatles

"One Hand, One Heart" - from Westside Story

"The Wedding Song (There is Love)" - Still a goodie!

AND, a couple of unique choices - think outside the box!
The Wedding Song - By Tret Fure - It's on iTunes, on her "My Shoes" album. This is a REALLY beautiful wedding song! It's a shame not many folks know about it. (Tret is a very successful indie folk artist.) (If sheet music is required folks could ask me and I can work on getting this accomplished with Tret's permission since I create sheet music as a freelance, and I do know Tret personally.)

Ahem...My tune "Perfectly" has been used at weddings and it can be sampled on iTunes (from my album "Second Wind"). Here is a video link I did for someone after her wedding, and it shows the lyrics:
(I could provide sheet music for this tune.)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New TAB available

*******EDIT 7/12/13:  The files are available on request, vs. being posted on the site. Please see and go to the CONTACT page to ask for the tab files.E

Hi folks - Over the years I've had requests for tablature for some of my instrumental guitar works. I finally just finished a new one - Rondo. Below are links to the two I have done so far....for a limited time I'll have these up for free....later I may be publishing a songbook and will have to pull the plug on the freebies then!
  1. "Rondo"
  2. "Movin' in the Right Direction"
Later I plan to publish "Inside Passage" and "Riffles and Runs."

(If you want to pick up the tunes themself and don't have the CDs they are on, you can find them on iTunes, Broadjam, and many other download sites.)

NOTE: Both of these require both a full capo and a partial capo. The partial capo is typically called an "Esus" capo and is available from Kayser or Shubb.

If there are other songs of mine that you would like to see a chart or some tab for, let me know. I have some full lead sheets that I've prepared on request for several tunes. (Flattery will get you everywhere.)

(And, if you are a songwriter or guitarist and would like something like this for your works, let me know that too....I do notation and transcription as a freelance.)

Feedback welcome.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Howdy from Tracy, and MAMAs info

Hi folks -I haven't written much in a while because I've been keeping busy with band WILD HEART ( and also with my church band, Cornerstone. I haven't been performing much on my own lately but do have some plans to do that in 2011 and also plans for a couple of collaborative shows this year. Stay tuned!

For now, I wanted to encourage you all to participate again in the Madison Area Music Awards.

The first round of voting is now open, through March 21. This round will determine who becomes final nominees. You do have to join the MAMAs (Madison Area Music Association) with a minimum $5 contribution but that money goes to help put musical instruments into schoolkids' hands, so it's a great cause. You don't have to live in Madison to vote.

* NOTE: You do not have to vote in all categories (tons of them)
* Be sure to do the FINAL REVIEW and do that part (see bottom of the category list)
* Don't forget these categories, please! You don't have to vote for the things below...I won't know who did of course....but just in case you are so inclined and want to know where to find me....

  • JAZZ SONG (I have TWO original songs in this category - "Just One Person" and "The Edge of Tedjhara" from my recent Jazz EP)
  • FOLK/AMERICANA ALBUM (My recent acoutic EP, "You Have 29 Messages")
  • COVER BAND - Wild Heart is here (visit us at!!!!)
  • RECORDING STUDIO - Randy's Recording (my producer/engineer/cowriter/performing partner)
  • STUDIO SOUND ENGINEER - Randy's Green/Randy's Recording

Thanks, y'all!