Friday, November 14, 2008

Goodbyes, Part 2

(This is a continuation of previous entry, and the following content was originally part of that post.)

The past two years have provided many reasons to reflect and prioritize (refer to previous entry, "Goodbyes"). Spending time with my loved ones is definitely a priority to me now.

Consequently, I have made a decision to change the nature of my musical life for the indefinite future. This decision is to allow me to heal emotionally and physically from the effects of an increasing lack of balance and a blurring of life vision in the last several years, since beginning my career as a singer-songwriter. Sadly, the nature of independent music in today's world requires a 24/7 effort in marketing plus a plethora of other tasks and details and trivialities that do not involve picking up an instrument or singing. For me, that leaves far too little time for music, let alone for other things in life.

I will always have music in my life in one form or another, even if just in my living room. But for me, making music a "business" has removed the joy and steadily drained my creative energy. I applaud those who are more energetic (younger!), or have the resources to accomplish the marketing and booking work via outsourcing. There are many fine artists out there who enrich our world with great music.

I appreciate the strong support I have had from terrific fans at live performances and through Internet sites and music sales over the years. I may record and publish some new material for digital release in the future and may perform from time to time in informal settings but I am not seeking bookings and will probably not be updating websites/profiles regularly.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I said goodbye to my longtime best friend (for more than 30 years), Mary Ann Kyles Ingram, on October 30, 2008. She lived with cancer for over 2 years. I say "lived with cancer," because that is exactly what she did.

She was just 45 years old, mother to six terrific children (ages 5 to 19) and a devoted wife. She packed at least 10 years worth of living into the last 26 months and was a wonderful role model to everyone for treating each day as a gift. She gave her all to her children, homeschooling them plus being a scout leader, dance coach, sports mom (basketball, judo and more), and in providing them many opportunities to make friends and explore all kinds of activities from piano lessons to Gavel Club to designing computer games. And she and her husband have raised their children in a very faith-centered household as well. Her children have thus been empowered to live up to their full potential with confidence, honor, dignity, and compassion, and with a sense of balance.

I was very fortunate to be able to visit Mary Ann frequently during her illness, so a blessing for me has been in getting to know her children better and forming bonds with them. It was an honor and a privilege to be with her family, around her bed, when Mary Ann drew her last breath.

Another blessing has been the opportunity to learn from Mary Ann's example. The last 2+ years have been a time of much reflection for me in terms of examining priorities and looking at issues of life balance.

I lost another good friend in May to a tragic murder, and my grandmother passed away in July. Now there are others very close to me with serious health concerns. More reasons to reflect and prioritize.

Continuation/more in next entry, "Goodbyes, Part 2..."