Friday, October 3, 2008

Rehab and other musings

OK, so it's official, I have the proper "bio" for a real musician these days. I am in rehab. Yup, me and Amy Winehouse, we be tight.


Well, OK, so it's PHYSICAL rehab, for my back, so maybe that doesn't count and won't get me on A&E. (For the record, I do not use drugs of any kind, I don't even like over-the-counter stuff, and rarely even drink, so I'm guess I'm too boring for this biz.)

As for my back...A few of you kind folks have been asking. I have some sacroiliac joint dysfunction, apparently, which has been a bit of an ongoing issue for a couple of years and put me into spasms in early August. After a bunch of expensive tests and a lot of radiation exposure, anything really nasty has been ruled out (yay!). I have found a great chiropractic/rehab clinic (Healthsource in Fitchburg WI) that is helping me get past this. So, thanks to Dr. Stacy and Dr. Dean, and also to my exercise therapist, Beth, I hope to be back to 100% before long, and even hope to resume belly dancing classes soon. (TMI?)

I highly recommend chiropractic if you have back problems!!

While we're on the topic of alternative health...let me put in a plug also for ACUPUNCTURE and herbal remedies for nasal congestion - from allegies or colds or whatever. I had a really rough time last winter and spring with what is apparently just "nonallergic rhinitis," meaning I have a fussy nose for some reason that is easily irritated by things that don't bother most people. I could not breathe out of my nose for about 3 months, but allergy testing and even a CAT scan revealed no apparent cause. After reluctantly trying all kinds of things and medicines suggested and prescribed by doctors (ENT, allergist, and regular doc), I was still hopelessly clogged. Desperate, I tried acupuncture, and after the VERY FIRST visit, with needle treatment and a couple of relatively inexpensive herbs, my nose was dry as a bone within an HOUR after that. I kid you not - it was nothing short of a miracle and sure made a believer of me. I had a few more treatments and now if I start sneezing or clogging up (I have learned that there are chemical triggers, like FeBreeze), I take a single capsule of one of those herbs and that takes care of me for days. Problem completely solved. No inhalers, no steroids, and no antihistamines daily as the docs were saying I would need -- just one little green herb capsule maybe once a week.

I promise I do not get kickbacks from any alternative healthcare providers. Those who know me know that I am NOT a fan of western medicine and I have had more of doctors and tests this year than I ever wanted to have in a lifetime...all for nothing. The only 2 useful healthcare providers I have seen this year have been the chiropractors and the acupuncturist. Next time, I'll skip the "modern medicine" route!

Oh - music stuff...
I am mostly on hiatus and that has been largely due to the need to attend to my own health and reduce stress where possible, but also because I have been spending time with my dearest friends and relatives in the Carolinas. There are a couple of very serious illnesses among my clan down there, plus two deaths in recent months (a longtime friend in May, and my grandmother in July). The folks who are now ill are two of the most special people in my life -- my best friend since junior high, Mary Ann, and my Aunt Jane. These two beautiful women are the folks most responsible for my becoming a musician, and what I owe them on so many levels is immeasurable. If you are the praying sort, your prayers for them would be welcome.

I do have gigs coming in on FRIDAY OCTOBER 10 (Oregon Arts Festival, solo show) and in early DECEMBER (a Christmas concert, with Michael Bryant and Randy Green). Watch my site for details --