Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No foolin'...Nomination for BEST INSTRUMENTALIST in MAMAs

No foolin'...I am proud to announce that I'm a nominee in this year's Madison Area Music Award (MAMAs) for BEST INSTRUMENTALIST! The next round of voting will begin any minute now and go until early May...your support would be very much appreciated.

Also nominated is my manager/duo partner/cowriter and pal Randy Green - nominated for BEST RECORDING STUDIO. And, one of Randy's songs, "Home Movies, recorded this year by Robert J, is nominated under BEST FOLK-AMERICANA SONG.

Voting is open to the public...it costs $5 to vote (done online) but the proceeds of this program benefit school music programs. In particular, the money raised helps to purchase instruments for school children and for after-school programs such as those run by the Boys and Girls Club. See these links to participate:
Broadjam (where you sign up to vote)
MAMAs site

NOTE: When you vote on the Broadjam site you'll have the chance to click and listen to music so please take time to sample the Madison music scene!
In addition to raising money for school music programs, that's what this is all about. It's easy to get swept up in the competition and all that, but the bottom line is that this is a chance for musicians and listeners to really get to know our local music scene. There are many wonderful musicians nominated in many categories, several that I have had the pleasure to work with, including the Mud Angels (blues song), Laura England (female vocalist), Ben Johnston-Urey (classical song, classical album), Robert J (a number of nominations), Subvocal (unique song, unique artist), Christine Costanzo (folk/Americana artist), Tret Fure (folk/Americana album)...and many others, so please use this opportunity to check them out, and vote for what you like best!